White Sands Lampshades

We produce quality Lamp Shades in a wide variety of styles, color, sizes and materials from traditional to modern. Some of our styles include the contemporary lamp shades round and square, the retro large drum lamp shades, Cone shape, Semi drum shape, Eggshell shapes, cylindrical shape Lampshades and many more…. We also have a trendy cut corner triangle lamp shade to fit comfortably in those cluttered corners. We also do Parchment Lampshades.


*Refurbishing of lampshades: includes fixing of broken frames, re-painting frames, reupholster with new PVC and fabric.

*New lampshades include fabrication of frames with powder coating, Installation of PVC and fabric reupholster, etc…

*We also provide FRT (fire retardant treatment) for the fabric If required

Lighting Services

* Lighting Fixtures –What fixtures are right for you? Looking for cool and contemporary designs to enhance the sophistication of your office, or soft traditional designs to make your house feel like home? Or give your hotel rooms and outdoor property well illuminated… Whatever your style, our wide variety and numerous green products are certain to satisfy.

* Accessories – The right lamp placed in the right spot can completely change the feel of a room. If you need more information or helpful suggestions, our helpful staff is always happy to help.

*Since 2015, we have been also receiving inquiries to do custom lighting therefore please feel free to contact us if you have any specific or customized lighting that you require.

We are based in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates and mainly cater to 5-Star hotels in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other major hotels in the 7 emirates.

Each of our lamp shade is unique, and custom designed to accessorize your home or Business. You are invited to browse our lamp shade styles web page for more designs. All of our lamp shades are customized and crafted specifically for each lamp by request. We can recreate your original lamp shade with fabric you supply, or you may select one of our fabric or parchment paper from our wide selection of lamp shade materials.

We have produced more than thousands of lamp shades over the years and have displayed some of these shades on our site for you to browse. We carry a few selections of children and baby room fabric but we encourage you to supply us with your own to create that special custom nursery. Each of our lamp shades is inspected thoroughly before delivery and must meet our high standard of quality control. Please e-mail us your interest and we will send you pics of at least 3 images you can select from.


Lighting Design –Creating the right lighting for a hotel, home, or office is a careful blend between art and science. Our team brings unique outlooks and years of experience to help complete your vision. We’ll work with you, your design team, and project owners to ensure the lighting elements gracefully complement the other design aspects. When it comes to interior design, why is lighting important? Sure, you need enough light to navigate through the area and perform basic tasks. But modern lighting is important in terms of creating a mood for a particular space.

Our staff has the experience and expertise to bring an outlook to your lighting project that’s creative yet practical. We can help improve the look of your professional space, enhance the natural beauty of landscaping with quality outdoor lighting, or make the interior of your home feel closer to your personality. We’re happy to be your lighting design resource for all of your projects, no matter the size or difficulty. Whitesand Lighting is proud to be one of the UAE’s top most lighting store, putting in the effort needed to deliver amazing results each and every time.